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Anaheim is a city in Orange County, California, and is home to the Disneyland Resort. The city is also working to increase its housing options by allowing the construction of accessory dwelling units, or ADUs. ADUs are small, secondary units that can be built on single-family lots. They are a great option for those looking for more affordable housing, as they can be rented out at a lower cost than a traditional apartment. Anaheim is committed to increasing its housing options and making its city more accessible to all.


All properties zoned for single family and multifamily use may be eligible to build ADUs.

Number of units

The number of ADUs you’re able to build depends on how your lot is zoned:

  • Lots zoned for single family use may add 1 ADU and 1 Jr. ADU (JADU).
  • Lots zoned for multi-family may add 2 new detached ADUs and at least one conversion ADU (interior conversion of existing building, but no more than 25% of the original number of units. (E.g. an apartment with 4 units may add 2 detached ADUs and 1 conversion ADU.)

Building size

  • The maximum size is 500.0 sq. ft. for a JADU
  • Studio and one bedroom permitted up to 850 sq. ft. max for a detached ADU
  • Attached ADU Max Size: 50% of main dwelling unit or 1,200 sf, whichever is less.

Building height

  • Building height detached ADU: The maximum height is 16 feet or the height of the main dwelling unit, whichever is greater
  • Building height attached ADU: The standards of the underlying zone shall apply


  • Backyard Existing Structure Setback: 10′ between main dwelling and ADU.


For a studio ADU, no parking is required. For a 1+ bedroom ADU, a minimum of 1 parking space is required EXCEPT in any of the following instances: (a) The Accessory Dwelling Unit is located within a one-half mile walking distance of a transit stop; (b) The Accessory Dwelling Unit is located within an architecturally and historically significant historic district; (c) The Accessory Dwelling Unit is part of the proposed or existing primary residence or an existing accessory structure; (d) When on-street parking permits are required but not offered to the occupant of the Accessory Dwelling Unit; (e) Where there is a car share vehicle station located within one block of the accessory dwelling unit; (f) When a garage, carport, or covered parking structure is demolished in conjunction with the construction of an Accessory Dwelling Unit or converted to an Accessory Dwelling Unit; and/or (g) No parking is required for an Junior Accessory Dwelling Unit

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