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New Homelife, from Minix.

MINIX is a mini life brand for a lifestyle where anyone can enjoy beauty and relaxation even in a small space.

"Mini-full" Story

The best solution for mini daily life.
MINIX is a system that previously had to be given up or vacated due to narrow space.

We aim for a miniful life that becomes more surprising not only in space but also in everyday life as we move beyond a minimalist life and fill it up.
Through a small but excellent solutionToday’s Sustainable Happiness.

Tomorrow’s spatial living experience innovation.

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Our Design

Completion of Mini Life
From Pure Miniature. ‘Pure Miniature’, meaning ‘perfect mini life’. By filling small spaces and relieving the burden of daily life. We will allow you to enjoy a complete mini life. With Minix’s unique design philosophy, We have three core values. Spatial aesthetics, ease of use, and sustainability.
Spatial Aesthetics
Fit into narrow spaces.
Harmonious and delicate wherever you are.
Be confident even when you are alone.
Ease of use
With consideration for users.
Remove all unnecessary features.
Anyone can easily use it without a user manual.
Matte and light, Strong even in places you can't see.
Timeless but usable for a long time Mini Change, Amazing Life The mini life you dreamed of.

Why Minix RV?


Elevated design, expertly crafted

Every square inch of space is thoughtfully considered—from its planing to the generous built-in storage. Designed with premium, long-lasting materials, Minix RV brings out the full potential of your property.

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Fast and easy development

Through Minix's long experience, we prepare a variety of materials to quickly build the RV that our customers want, and we build it through the quick work of experts.


Solar-powered and future-ready

Minix RV is capable of solar charging and values the environment and energy by charging its own electricity through an electric generator. Enjoy adventure even in the mountains without electricity.

Yours in four simple steps


Choose your configuration

Tailor your unit with a layout and customizations that reflect your style and needs.


Approve your estimate

You can confirm by visit or phone to create an accurate estimate for the work required to start the work of your vehicle. Financial support available.


3. We get busy, you get inspired

When you deposit starting fund, we start your vehicle work. Our electrical technicians have many years of experience and training, and are true craftsman who take great pride in their work.


4. Get your keys

Four months after approving your deposit, you'll get the keys with delivered your expedition vehicle..

Would you like to speak to an expert?

We aim to redefine the way people think of portable rental housing. Passionate about details we create the self-contained living space and make freedom delivered to every customer.

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